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Kick with Chrome

We worked with Google to create a series of three mobile-first games that were launched just in time for the World Cup. Kick with Chrome is a browser-based chrome experiment built on the mobile web. The users can select their country and play together with up to four friends at the same time, as well as connecting their computer for an enhanced gaming experience.

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In Infinite Dribble, you use the accelerometer on your mobile device to steer the ball down the field and avoid approaching defenders. Rollover power-ups for special features like extra life, mini-ball and jumps.

In Space Kick, you are set out to kick the soccer ball into space. Create a platform for the shoe by dragging your finger across the screen and watch out for obstacles like birds, planets and UFO.

For Shootout, we created a classic penalty kick scenario where players can score by flicking the ball on your mobile device towards the goal. You can also bend the ball to increase your chances to score. When playing mobile-to-mobile, there is a turn-based approach letting you switch between controlling the shooter and the goalie.

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